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Meet Dr. James Milliron

Chiropractor Yakima, Dr. James MillironFor more than four decades, Dr. Milliron has provided compassionate care for young families wishing to eliminate their pain and optimize their inborn genetic potential. At Family Chiropractic Centre we welcome every member of the family, from babies to grandparents. We emphasize a gentle and comfortable approach to care through time-tested and research-based chiropractic adjustment techniques.

The Power of One Amazing Adjustment

“While playing college football, I sustained a painful injury to my neck. I tried different medications and underwent physical therapy, but nothing helped. I finally tried chiropractic care. After only one adjustment, I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life: my neck pain went away.”

A few years later, Dr. Milliron enrolled in Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. “While I was still an undergrad, I was constantly fascinated with the body’s ability to self-heal and self-regulate. All through my studies, I never thought about chiropractic as being a business that could generate income, but as a valid way of taking care of people.”

His enthusiasm for his profession also led him to earn a Diplomate in Chiropractic Philosophy from the International Chiropractic Association (ICA).

A Definition of Success

Dr. Milliron is a man that believes in living a purpose-driven life. “I know that my purpose has always been to help others through chiropractic care.” He also embraces the core values of leadership: being a good listener, honesty, passion and spirituality.

His definition of success is simple: being able to help those he serves to live a better life. “I’m here for the working family.” Dr. Milliron’s mom worked in a canning factory for many years, and his dad was a machinist for decades. “My job is to keep you on the job!”

Outside the Office

Dr. Milliron has been married to Gina for over three decades; they have four children. He loves spending time with family and is also an avid cyclist.

We’d love to welcome you or a loved one to our friendly office. We have the tools and expertise to help young families, from newborns and moms-to-be to budding athletes and seniors. Contact us today for an appointment; we’re in-network providers!

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