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About Us

Our Practice Is Family-centered

Since 1976, family health and well-being have been the focus of our chiropractic care center. Family Chiropractic Centre is dedicated to working with active family members, including newborns, children and moms-to-be to weekend warriors, those in the workforce and active seniors. We place particular emphasis on a gentle and comfortable adjustment style that helps our patients live a more abundant life.

Our Mission and Hope

Our mission is simple: we want each patient that walks through our door to reach their maximum genetic potential. It’s often easiest to achieve this goal if consistent chiropractic care begins in childhood. Kids respond so rapidly to treatment, and their inborn immune response is easy to activate.

An adoptive couple brought in their baby to see us years ago. The infant kept going into spells of cyanosis (turning blue), and no amount of medical testing and intervention had stopped the problem.

The baby’s coloring was a distinct blue as Dr. Milliron checked her cervical spine. He found an area of myofascial restriction with a marked misalignment in the middle of her neck. He gently adjusted the misaligned vertebra; within seconds the baby’s skin turned a healthy pink and stayed that way. This is just one of many examples over the years of putting our trust in the innate intelligence of the body and its ability to self-heal.

We Want to Be of Service

Our passion for what we do hasn’t ebbed one bit in our over four decades of active practice. We still maintain high expectations for every patient we care for, and we continue to go the extra mile to ensure your well-being and satisfaction.

We treat our patients like family and would do for you what we’d do for one of our own. We feature on-site digitalized X-rays and are in-network providers. Contact us today and let’s get started!

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